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What body shape am i?

What body shape am i?

How to identify your body shape, and what gowns might best suit your shape.

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Real Brides

We take great pride in the feedback we recieve from our brides, and we love to receive photos.

Advice from our Stylists

Gown Silhouettes

A guide to finding the best gown for your shape.

What look are you aiming for?

What's your look? How do you want to feel and be seen on your Wedding day?

Location, Location, Location

We are very lucky in New Zealand in that we can get married just about anywhere. Fashion is such now that your location doesn´t have to dictate your gown look - we love massive tulle gowns on the beach!

Buying your wedding dress

What to ask your bridal salon to make sure you don’t run the risk of your dream gown becoming your worst nightmare.

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