Tessa Landkroon

Hi Lisa,

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for our experience with you on the 30th June. I honestly have never had someone listen and understand me the way you did, even as weird as my thoughts in my head were! It meant so much to me that you were able to work with me, know exactly what I was talking about and push me out of my comfort zone to find my dream dress! Oh my goodness and what a dress that is! I am so in love with it, and get goosebumps every time I look at a photo! So thank you, thank you!!!

Also thank you for the thoughtful handwritten card I received in the mail, so lovely!!!

July 19, 2018


Loana Bentin

Hi Esti,

You made my experience so enjoyable and I can’t thank you enough. I hope you are appreciated and told just how fabulous you are by the brides you help. You made me feel so at ease (which is hard to do haha) and even your emails were professional yet compassionate and understanding. You are an absolute superstar and even though I decided on another dress, I will forever recommend you at every opportunity.

Thanks so much,

Loana xx

July 11, 2018


Amanda Fitzgerald

Hi Dee,

Thanks again sooooo much. I walked away today feeling very very excited for my wedding now!

You are amazing and the perfect lady for the job!

Much love,

Amanda xx

July 10, 2018


Nicole Rielly

I just received a card in the mail from Lisa in the Wellington store, such a lovely personal touch! Lisa was absolutely amazing, when I went in for my fitting she new exactly who I was and which dress was mine without me having to say anything other than hello! She even remembered the exact shoes Id picked (i didn't even remember!) Fantastic service, beautiful dresses. Thanks Lisa for making the experience as special as we dream it to be xo

July 09, 2018


Mary Lowe

Hi Dee,

I would just like to sincerely thank you for your positive support when selecting my dress. You truly made me feel special, and accommodated all my personal flaws. You’re amazing at what you do!

Mary xx

July 06, 2018


Nikita Fisher

Thank you so much Hayley and Dee at Astra Bridal Hamilton, I had such

a wonderful experience and love my dress! Hayley made me feel so

comfortable and was such a great help providing me with different styles

and options of each dress. Your hospitality and professionalism was

amazing and I would highly recommend visiting Astra Bridal.

July 03, 2018


Marea Clarkson

OMG I cannot thank Camille enough (Astra Bridal Albany)!!! She spent 6

months (4 appointments) helping me find the perfect dress and is truly a

wonderful consultant. Not pushy, but is still honest with her thoughts,

so so so friendly and really makes you feel like you’re going to be a

beautiful bride. Can’t recommend her enough!!

July 01, 2018


Rachel Mackenzie


Thank you for all of your help and patience! I appreciate it very much as you made it relaxing, fun & special.

Thanks again,

Rachel xx

June 30, 2018


Lisa Pugh

My daughter, mother and I travelled to Wellington from the Wairarapa last Saturday 16th June, on the search for a ball dress, (after a disastrous internet purchase). Our first stop was to Astra Bridal to see if there was perhaps a bridesmaid dress suitable to use as a ball dress. My daughter was low in confidence after her disastrous internet purchase and not feeling very good about herself. As we came in the door we could see that there were lots of bridal dresses but no bridesmaids dresses to be seen. We approached the desk and were welcomed by a very friendly lady; Kirsty, and we explained the mission we were on. She in response explained about the increase in girls purchasing ball dresses from the internet these days etc. I totally understood this and explained that for my daughter it was tricky due to her shape, bust size etc and that she needed to try dresses on. She then made a list of possible shops for us to try and then went the extra mile by taking Ash to some dresses to show her the kind of style dress that would suit her. This meant such a lot to Ash and gave her confidence a boost. I would like to let you know how impressed I was with the service and assistance we were given on the day -the person at the desk could have simply said no we dont have bridesmaid dresses and sent us on our way. Id like our thanks to be passed on to the lovely lady that took the time to take an interest in my daughter and gave her some great advice. We were successful in our shopping expedition that day and purchased a dress that my daughter loves, that she looks and feels good in and which happens to be in one of the styles that was shown to us. We may not be in the market for a bridal dress just yet, but I will most definitely recommend Astra Bridal based on this experience.

June 22, 2018


Renee Greaves

Hi there,

Hayley can I just say a massive THANK YOU to you for being so amazing and patient with me. 100/10 for your work. I can’t wait to come back down. I’m going to miss you ladies but especially you.

Renee xx

June 21, 2018