Amanda Fitzgerald

Hi Dee,

Thanks again sooooo much. I walked away today feeling very very excited for my wedding now!

You are amazing and the perfect lady for the job!

Much love,

Amanda xx

July 10, 2018


Nicole Rielly

I just received a card in the mail from Lisa in the Wellington store,

such a lovely personal touch! Lisa was absolutely amazing, when I went

in for my fitting she new exactly who I was and which dress was mine

without me having to say anything other than hello! She even remembered

the exact shoes Id picked (i didn't even remember!) Fantastic service,

beautiful dresses. Thanks Lisa for making the experience as special as

we dream it to be xo

July 09, 2018


Mary Lowe

Hi Dee,

I would just like to sincerely thank you for your positive support when selecting my dress. You truly made me feel special, and accommodated all my personal flaws. You’re amazing at what you do!

Mary xx

July 06, 2018