Kirsty Newton


We were so lucky when Kirsty arrived on the Astra Bridal doorstep a few years ago. She has a wealth of bridal experience in her home country of Scotland. Kirsty has huge tenacity and will work with a bride to do whatever it takes to find the perfect gown. She loves to have a lot of fun with her brides and they often form an instant attachment to Kirsty. She is really open and honest in giving her opinions - we are so often told how much brides trust her opinion.

Photo thanks to Laura Ridley

What our brides say about Kirsty

  • My daughter, mother and I travelled to Wellington from the Wairarapa last Saturday 16th June, on the search for a ball dress, (after a disastrous internet purchase). Our first stop was to Astra Bridal to see if there was perhaps a bridesmaid dress suitable to use as a ball dress. My daughter was low in confidence after her disastrous internet purchase and not feeling very good about herself. As we came in the door we could see that there were lots of bridal dresses but no bridesmaids dresses to be seen. We approached the desk and were welcomed by a very friendly lady; Kirsty, and we explained the mission we were on. She in response explained about the increase in girls purchasing ball dresses from the internet these days etc. I totally understood this and explained that for my daughter it was tricky due to her shape, bust size etc and that she needed to try dresses on. She then made a list of possible shops for us to try and then went the extra mile by taking Ash to some dresses to show her the kind of style dress that would suit her. This meant such a lot to Ash and gave her confidence a boost. I would like to let you know how impressed I was with the service and assistance we were given on the day -the person at the desk could have simply said no we dont have bridesmaid dresses and sent us on our way. Id like our thanks to be passed on to the lovely lady that took the time to take an interest in my daughter and gave her some great advice. We were successful in our shopping expedition that day and purchased a dress that my daughter loves, that she looks and feels good in and which happens to be in one of the styles that was shown to us. We may not be in the market for a bridal dress just yet, but I will most definitely recommend Astra Bridal based on this experience.

    Lisa Pugh