Apple Shape

A guide to finding the best gown for your shape.

Apple Shape

Your shape

Your bust and hips are smaller than your waist.

Your aim

You may want a gown that pulls in the waist and draws attention from your middle.

Suggested shapes or features

A structured dress with good boning, a lace-up corset back, and an A-line or full-skirted gown can all define your waistline, creating a triangle from the ground up.

Lucky for you, most bridal gowns are structured, and can help give you a gorgeous shape on your wedding day.

One last piece of advice

Every bride has things she likes and dislikes about her body. It’s important to find a dress that fits your personality and preferences, but don’t let your inner critic take over. We bet your loved ones (and most importantly, your fiancé) have a much more forgiving perception of your gorgeous features.

Some gowns that suit a Apple shape

This gown is great for holding everything in through the middle.

The high back can give you a chance to wear a torsolette, which will give you waist definition.

The flared shoulder and hem give the illusion of a slimmer waist.

With great construction and a lace-up back, this gown is every apple shape’s friend.

For the princess! This well-constructed gown smoothes your shape really well.

Drama, and great corsetry. This is a gown a girl with curves can really rock.