Column Shape

A guide to finding the best gown for your shape.

Column Shape

Your shape

You are straight up and down—your three measurements are similar.

Your aim

You may want to add some shape to your figure, and if you’re tall, you can use your height to your advantage

Suggested shapes or features

A quality constructed gown is made to be flattering and will create a waistline. Well-placed lace or embroidery can trick the eye and create shape, too.

If you are tall, an elegant gown will look stunning. You aren’t trying to hide anything so you can go for a gown with lots of features—think overlays, detachable trains and layers of fabric.

One last piece of advice

Every bride has things she likes and dislikes about her body. It’s important to find a dress that fits your personality and preferences, but don’t let your inner critic take over. We bet your loved ones (and most importantly, your fiancé) have a much more forgiving perception of your gorgeous features.

Some gowns that suit a column shape

The clever lines of lace creates a more shapely figure.

The simple silhouette allows you to embrace your body and shape.

The column shape is perfect for showing off the illusion feature on this gown.

The bodice finishing on the waist makes this gown great for definition, and the flared skirt creates shape at the bottom.

This dress is higher waisted so it doesn't matter if you don't have one!

Some cleverly placed lace and the gown cut is perfect for giving shape.